Lemon Balm - Jasmine - Lime

When I smell this is takes me back to balmy nights sipping Limoncella in Southern Italy. A nice fresh citrusy fragrance.  Great for freshening up any room.

280 gms

45 hr+ burntime


  • * On your first burn completely melt the top of your candle right to the sides of the jar, forming a pool of wax: allow 2-4 hours.

    * This way your candle forms a memory and will remember to burn this way time and time again giving it an even burn - this avoids tunnelling.

    * Trim your wicks before relighting to avoid black sooting and will allow your candle to burn for longer.

    * Burn safely - never burn for more than 4 hrs at time, keep your candle away from a breeze or curtains and don't burn your candle to the bottom of the jar.